The Sounds of Steam Roller Printing

This Saturday the Steam Roller Printing event took place coinciding with Purdue’s SpringFest festivities. This audio gives a glimpse to the setbacks they encountered, and the joyful ending after overcoming them! Paint brushes rolling in ink, the nervous chatter of the crowd, the breaks of the truck…. take a listen for yourself.

It was a truly eventful day as the Steam Roller crew encountered a few setbacks early on…. After the steam roller breaking down, and another one being unavailable for 2 hours, the team chose to improvise by using a large maintenance truck to press prints. This challenge set the team back about an hour on their schedule, making the team have to work double time.

After the second steam roller arrived, the crew was back on track, making up for lost time with a few extra hands that decided to pitch in. The last print was rolled at 4:01, an accomplishment of a dedicated team of printmakers.


The artists and volunteers, Steam Roller Printing – SpringFest 2017



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