Steam Roller Printing, What’s That?

The annual SpringFest event at Purdue is bringing a new activity aboard this year. The Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts is offering the fist ever Steam Roller Printing to take place at SpringFest.

Steam roller printing is a form of printmaking. When you printmake, you copy a pattern, image, or press to an object, such as putting an inked image of the Eiffel Tower on a canvas bag, etc. To learn more about the transfer process, click here.

To create a printmaking press stamp you must carve your design either manually, or by using computer software. Purdue has a several press options available at the event on Saturday. Below is an example of one of the relief presses being created by fine arts students here on campus.

Step 1: 


Step 2:


Final product:


The event will offer guests the ability to create their own prints for bags, aprons, and t shirts. The hands on experience is sure to leave participants with a smile on their face and a little something to take home with them as well.

To participate, you can visit the Steam Roller Printing booth located near the loading dock of Pao Hall. A DJ and food will be available all day, 10-4 pm for anyone to stop by. All ages are encouraged to come.


Event page information: click here. 




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