New Mystery Statue Appears on Campus

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 11.26.29 PM

On Friday, as I was walking past the Agricultural Administration building on campus, I noticed there was a new statue on the lawn from afar. As I approached I could see one taller figure, with two other smaller figures closer to the ground.

As I got closer, I could see what appeared to be a family. A taller man, standing and looking down at a woman, kneeling, with her hands open. The woman is holding a butterfly, showing the child next to her. The child sits on a rock, arms reaching out, in excitement of their little visitor.

As you can see from the bottom of the picture, the soil around the base of the statue looks as if it were placed very recently. Possibly even that day?

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of descriptive plaque, yet, that would aid in the identity of this mystery statue. A possible addition to the Purdue Lonsford Collection, or perhaps a statue long forgotten in storage, which has yet again made its way out and about on campus.

Stay tuned as we most likely receive further information in the following days & go see for yourself!


What do you think this statue represents? Did you pass by or see anything as they installed it? Comment below.


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