Art Never Sleeps… But I do

In honor of Purdue’s Spring Break 2017, I will resume posting on Tuesday, March 21st. Until that time, here are some artsy things to check out around town in the month of March.


Gallery Showings:


Sonja Peterson, “Gone and Below” (detail), cut paper – from “Sonja Peterson: Transverse Travesties,” in Ringel Gallery, March 6 – April 22, 2017.

Traverse Travesties Exhibition – March 6 to April 22 2017 – Robert L. Ringel Gallery

Looking to historical events and science to help absorb present day dilemmas, Peterson’s large-scale cut paper and sculptural works attempt loose comparative analysis through imaginative narratives pulled from across time and varied literary sources. “Whole worlds exist within the intricate details of her complex cuttings. Native plants and cultures clash with invaders. Historical events merge with present-day environmental dilemmas. The effects of globalization are intertwined with commerce and consciousness.” (City Pages, Minneapolis, Camille LeFevre)

Color Expressions: Art and Design Perspectives – March 7 through April 22, 2017 – Fountain Gallery


Purdue University Permanent Collection

The permanent collection of Purdue University Galleries is home to artworks that represent exciting approaches to color usage. Color plays an important role in art and design, as it affects our visual experiences by building identities, engaging the senses, and fostering conscious and unconscious thinking patterns.

Curated by Petronio Bendito, Ed.D. Associate Professor in Purdue’s Department of Art and Design, this exhibition showcases a broad range of approaches in which the artists combined colors in expressive and evocative ways. It features a selection of works that Bendito identified while surveying the Collection for his research on color design methods, presented in thought-provoking groupings.



Dance Workshop:

Purdue Contemporary Dance Company


The Purdue Division of Dance is offering a FREE DANCE CLASS March 30 from 6-8pm in Pao 1171 for those interested in taking a dance class! No experience needed and all levels are welcome!



Art Museum of Greater Lafayette: 



Offering ‘Drop In’ Water Color sessions on Monday, March 13th and 20th from 6:30-8

Offering Monotype Printmaking Workshop with Jennifer Reitmeyer, Sat. March 18, 10am – 4pm



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