Purdue Now Exhibiting… Global Matrix IV!

Global Matrix IV: An International Printmaking Exhibition


As I skimmed through my daily Facebook news feed I happened across a gallery exhibit that caught my eye. A compelling image, seen above, grew my curiosity for what I might find in this exhibition. Through further investigation, I found an international printmaking exhibition, which is showing in the Fountain Gallery. This quaint yet classy gallery has housed many exhibits that I have found very intriguing, which compelled me to share this gem with you today!

This exhibition has picked up some nice local coverage, see what the Journal & Courier had to say.

Printmaking is a craft that I have quite a bit of admiration for. An art that I haven’t yet been able to master! Any printmakers out there? Art enthusiasts? I’d love to chat about the show. I’ll be visiting the Fountain Gallery this Saturday afternoon (2/4/17) at 3pm if any readers are interested in meeting up for coffee and good conversation!

Global Matrix IV: An International Printmaking Exhibition

January 9 through February 18, 2017

Robert L. Ringel Gallery, Stewart Center, and Fountain Gallery, downtown Lafayette

Global Matrix IV is a must see this spring ’17! Did you visit the gallery? Share your experience below.

Cant make it Saturday? Gallery hours available in case you want to visit another time!

The Fountain Gallery is housed in the historic Perrin Building at 330 Main Street across from the fountain at Courthouse Square, downtown Lafayette, IN. Map it.



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